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Limited User or Non-Attorney Access to CM/ECF

To file, amend, or withdraw a Proof of Claim, file a Supplemental Claim, file a Reaffirmation Agreement, or file a Request for Notice go to KSBFastFile.





To file a Transfer of Claim, Change of Address, Notice of Appearance, or Financial Management Course Certificate  you may request CM/ECF Limited User/Non-Attorney access. 

See LBR 5005.1, Appendix 1-01 for local rules regarding Limited User access to CM/ECF.  


Kansas Bankruptcy Court is now on NextGen CM/ECF.  Limited User/Non-Attorney filing access may be requested through PACER. 


How to Obtain Limited User (aka Non-Attorney or Creditor Filer) Access to CM/ECF: 

1.  Obtain a PACER account at

     Click on Register for an Account.

     Select Non-Attorney Filers from the drop down menu.


     If you have a PACER account already, login at

     Go to Manage Your Account.

     Click on Register for an Account.

     Click on Non-Attorney Filers.

2.  Select Kansas Bankruptcy Court and complete all sections of the E-File Registration.

3.  Submit your request to file in Kansas Bankruptcy Court's NextGen CM/ECF.

4.  Receive email notification from the Kansas Bankruptcy Court regarding your registration.


Contact the Clerk’s Office at (785) 338-5910 or if you have questions.