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Online Payment of Fees and Other Services

Have you ever made a docketing error while you are filing (perhaps you answered a question incorrectly, or you accidentally typed something in the Receipt field) that prevented you from paying the fee electronically--and instead you had to mail or deliver a paper check to pay the fee?  Or, have you ordered copies or set up an installment payment, and you could only pay those by check?  Now there is a CM/ECF event that allows you pay for these electronically using a credit card or ACH--no need to send in a check. 


To pay fees for previously submitted filings, or to pay for certain services, such as Copies, go to:

Bankruptcy menu or Adversary menu

Select Other

Type in a Case Number

Select Online Payment of Fee

Select the appropriate category in the drop down menu:

      Audio Recording

      Certified Copies



      Filing Fee Installment

      Filing Fee Final Installment

      Insufficient Funds for Check/ACH

      Record Retrieval

      Search/Certificate of Search

      Other fee not listed above (include explanation on next screen) *

*An Other fee example: 
You filed Motion to Sell or Motion for Relief from Stay and inadvertently answered a question in a way that caused there to be no fee, therefore had no opportunity to pay the fee electronically at the time of filing.
You realize this later, and you can conveniently pay the fee online using this event, Online Payment of Fee. In the explanation box, type:   Motion to Sell (or whatever the initial filing was)  and in the fee box provide the fee amount that you are paying now.  

Pay using a credit card or ACH through PACER.