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Unclaimed Funds Instructions and Forms

What are Unclaimed Funds?

Unclaimed funds are funds held by the court for an owner who is entitled to the money, but who failed to claim ownership of it or did not receive it. Most unclaimed funds arise when money is distributed by the trustee to creditors pursuant to a distribution order in a bankruptcy case, but goes unclaimed by the claimants (persons or entities who are entitled to the money). These funds are paid to the court until a claimant demonstrates ownership.


How do I search for Unclaimed Funds?

 Go to the U.S. Courts Unclaimed Funds Locator

To search for funds deposited with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Kansas, select KSB in the "Court" drop down box. Or leave the "Court" field blank to search all courts.  Populate other fields, as appropriate, to narrow your search.

The unclaimed funds locator may also be used to search unclaimed funds records maintained in other bankruptcy courts by selecting the court name abbreviation in the drop down box. Each court maintains its own unclaimed funds records. Please contact individual bankruptcy courts for information regarding the status of and/or application procedures for release of unclaimed funds listed for that court.


How do I request Unclaimed Funds? 

1.  Read the Application Instructions


2.  Complete the following forms, as instructed: 

Application Form 1340

Proposed Order Directing Payment

Domestic Claimant (U.S. citizen) Identification Forms:

AO213P  Request for Payee Information and TIN Certification


IRS W-9  Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Foreign Claimant Identification Forms: 

AO 215 Request to Determine Foreign Vendor Tax Payments


IRS W-8 Foreign Claimant Form - must search for applicable W-8 form


 3. Collect the required documents as listed in the Application Instructions
(Don't forget proof of identity, such as a drivers license or photo ID)

These documents vary depending on which party is requesting the funds:

Owner of Record, Successor Claimant, Claimant's Representative, or Representative of Deceased Claimant's Estate.

These claimants are described in the Application Instructions, as are the required documents for each claimant type. 


4. Submit the application, additional forms, required documents, and proposed order to the court



Mail to:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Attention Finance
500 State Avenue Room 161
Kansas City KS 66101


File electronically in CM/ECF

Go to Bankruptcy > Claims Action

Select Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds or Small Dividends

Add the filer of the Application as a Party

      Provide three things (other fields may be left blank): 

      Enter your name
      Provide the address as it is listed in the Application
      Change the role to Creditor

Click Submit

Attach PDF documents

Enter dollar amount of funds request


To obtain Limited Filer/Creditor access to file in CM/ECF, see Limited User information.  


Claimants may confirm that the application was received and check the status of their application by viewing the case docket using PACER.

For more information, contact the Financial Specialist in the Clerk’s Office at (913) 735-2186.