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Mediation Program

The Bankruptcy Court for the District of Kansas has initiated a one-year pilot program, beginning January 1, 2018,  to help pay for a mediator in cases where mediation would be helpful but litigants do not have adequate funds to pay the mediation expenses themselves. 


How to use this program:

1.  Review  Standing Order 17-2

Note that the mediator's fee (including mileage) is divided equally between the parties.  Thus, the party requesting funding may request assistance of up to 50% of the mediator's fee (including mileage). 

2.  Complete the top portion of the Mediation Expense Form

3.  Submit the completed form to the presiding Judge. 

4.  Once the request is approved, receive the form signed by the presiding Judge and/or Chief Judge. 

5.  Conduct the mediation.

6.  Complete the bottom portion of the Mediation Expense Form

7.  Submit the completed form and receipts for expenses to the presiding Judge. 

8.  Once the expenses are approved, the mediator receives payment.


The Clerk's Office welcomes your feedback about how this program works, in practice, and how it might be improved if a decision is made to continue its funding after 2018.