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Attorney Registration for Electronic Filing in Kansas Bankruptcy Court

Kansas Bankruptcy Court is now on NextGen CM/ECF.  To obtain e-filing access, start with a PACER account. 

Attorneys admitted to the bar of this court (including those admitted pro hac vice and attorneys authorized to represent the United States), United States trustees and their assistants, bankruptcy administrators and their assistants, private trustees, and others as the court deems appropriate, may register as Filing Users of the court's Electronic Filing System.  See LBR 5005.1, Appendix 1-01 for Filing User requirements. 

Filing Users must have a PACER account to obtain access to the Kansas Bankruptcy Court NextGen CM/ECF system. 

How to Obtain E-filing Access: 
1.  Determine whether you are eligible to obtain access as a Filing User in the court’s Electronic Filing System, CM/ECF, as outlined in LBR 5005.1, Appendix 1-01.

2.  Obtain a PACER account at

     Click on Register for an Account.

     Select Attorney Filers or Registration Wizard.


     If you have a PACER account already, login at

    Go to Manage Your Account.

    Click on Register for an Account.

    Click on Attorney Filers.

3.  Select Kansas Bankruptcy Court and complete all sections of E-File Registration.

4.  Submit your request to file in Kansas Bankruptcy Court's NextGen CM/ECF.

5.  Receive email notification from Kansas Bankruptcy Court regarding your registration.


Contact the Clerk’s Office at (785) 338-5910 or if you have questions.


How to Succeed at E-filing:
1.  Review Local Bankruptcy Rules.

2.  Review the menus and filing options in NextGen CM/ECF. Contact the Clerk's Office if you have questions about which menu option or event best fits your filing.

3.  Review LBR 9004.1 for formatting guidance.

         Use proper formatting for a proposed Order:
         First page only:  Top 4” margin
         Provide “###” immediately preceding the signature lines to indicate that there are no additional pages

4.  Manage your account preferences and payment information at PACER.
         Login at       
         Go to Manage Your Account.