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Request for Clerk's Extension of Time to Answer

How to file Request for Clerk's Extension of Time to Answer: 


Pursuant to Local Bankruptcy Rule 5075.1(a)(1)(A)(i), the clerk is authorized to sign and enter an order, without further direction by the court, extending once for 14 days, the time to answer, reply or otherwise plead to a complaint, crossclaim or counterclaim if the time originally prescribed to plead has not expired.

  1.  File a Request for Entry of Clerk’s Extension of Time (text only entry) under Adversary>Other>Request for Clerk’s Extension of Time Pursuant to LBR 5075.1(a) and enter the following information:
    1. Select the action you seek more time to complete (e.g., Answer the Complaint, Reply to the Counterclaim, or Reply to the Crossclaim)
    2. Original due date
    3. Extended due date
    4. Affirm that the original due date has not expired
  2. The Clerk’s Office will enter a notice approving the extension of time.