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How to electronically file Sealed Documents

Instructions for Electronically Filing Sealed Documents Under LBR 5005.1, Appendix 1-01, Section VI


See complete instructions in the PDF provided here.   Review this document before filing. 


To review the basic filing process, see the steps outlined below: 

1. Getting Started: File the Motion to Seal. This motion and any attachments to it will be public--these are NOT sealed.

In CM/ECF, go to

Bankruptcy > Motions/Applications > File Under Seal
Adversary > Motions > File Under Seal

The motion and any attachments filed using these events will be publicly visible documents. Do not include sensitive or confidential information in these documents.

Contents of Motion to Seal

Parties to Be Served (Public Documents)

Parties to Be Served (Confidential Documents)

2. File the Sensitive or Confidential Documents.

In CM/ECF, go to

Bankruptcy > Other > Confidential Material Submitted Under Seal
Adversary > Other Confidential Material Submitted Under Seal

Each document must be filed as a separate file. (For example, a settlement agreement would be one file, and a description of sensitive contents of a hard drive would be a different file.) Watermarks or legends indicating Submitted or Filed Under Seal may be added to the documents prior to filing.

Documents filed using this event, Confidential Material Submitted Under Seal, are automatically placed under seal at the time of filing, until the Court orders otherwise.

3. Submit a Proposed Order.

In CM/ECF, go to

Bankruptcy > Order Upload
Adversary > Order Upload

The movant must electronically upload a proposed order after

  • the objection deadline has expired, if no objections were filed, or
  • after a hearing on any objection.

See LBR 9004.1(c).

4. Actions after Entry of the Order.

Clerk's annotation

Non-document item

Sua sponte order to file under seal

Service and Certificate of Service


5. Paper Filings and Non-document items.

The Clerk's Office will follow the procedures outlined above to scan and electronically file documents submitted by paper and non-document items submitted with the paper filings. Paper originals and non-document items are returned or destroyed as outlined in LBR 5003.2 (b).