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Presumptive Interest (Till) Rate on Secured Claims Pursuant to Standing Order 24-1

Effective January 1, 2024, the court amended D. Kan. LBR 3015(b).1(h) to require the Clerk of Court to determine the "presumptive interest rate to be paid on secured claims paid through a chapter 13 plan" and post the rate to the court’s website each quarter.  (Standing Order 24-1.)  The presumptive interest rates in effect for each quarter are:


Quarter/Year Effective Dates Five-Year
Treasury Note Rate
Presumptive Rate
with 3% Additive
2Q - 2024 Apr 1 - Jun 30 4.34% 7.34%
1Q - 2024 Jan 1 - Mar 31 3.93% 6.93%


Note:  The "5-year Daily Treasury Par Yield Curve Rate published by the US Department of the Treasury" may be found on the US Department of the Treasury website.