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After You File

Complete Financial Management/Debtor Education course

Complete a Financial Management (Debtor Education) course after you file bankruptcy in order to receive a discharge of your debts.  See approved financial management/debtor education providers on the U.S. Trustee website


Add Creditors, if needed

If you need to add Creditors to your Creditor Matrix, see the Amend Schedules to Add Creditors Tip Sheet.


Attend 341 meeting of creditors

Attend a meeting with the trustee and creditors, usually in the city where you filed.  The trustee may request that you bring certain items or documents such as a photo ID, Social Security Number, pay stubs, bank statements, and household expenses.  See FAQs for more information.   


Participate in court hearings

Follow your case in court by using the docket tool.  Type in your case number at the bottom of the screen to see scheduled hearings.