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Local Bankruptcy Rules updated March 17, 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

Local Bankruptcy Rules (LBRs), effective March 17, 2018,  are available at Local Rules & Orders.
A few updates to the LBRs are highlighted here: 
2002.2  Updates to addresses for Veterans Administration and Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services
2014.1 New requirements for applications to employ professionals including new noticing requirements when a Chapter 7 trustee applies for appointment as attorney for the estate
3002.1.1 New rule (updates Standing Order 8-04 and adopted as LBR)
3015(b).2 New rule (revises Standing Order 11-3 and adopted as LBR)
4002.3(a)(1) Eliminates requirement to send a pre-petition tax return filed post-petition to the U.S. Attorney's Office
5005.1, Appendix 1-01, Section VI New requirement to file sealed documents electronically
9006.1 New rule governing bridge orders
New Standing Orders include 17-1,  17-2,  18-1