How to become a Limited Filer


Thanks for your interest in our Limited Filer login. Please fill out the Limited Filer Registration Form and sign for each person in your office who wants a Limited Filer login and mail to our office address noted on the form. Attorney filers who want to file more than the allowed limited filings should be signed up for a full Attorney Registration and follow the complete instructions on becoming an attorney filer on our system.


Limited Filers may file Proof of Claims, Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice, and Reaffirmation Agreements, and if approved, Financial Management Certificates.


Instructions on Converting Documents to PDF ==> http://www.ksb.uscourts.gov/images/ksb_attymanual/Converting_Documents_to_PDF.htm


PDF Fillable B410 Proof of claim form is found here==> http://www.ksb.uscourts.gov/images/ksb_forms/form_b410.pdf


Instructions on filing a Proof of Claim are found here ==> http://www.ksb.uscourts.gov/attymanual/Filing_Proofs_of_Claim.htm


PDF Fillable B2400A Reaffirmation Agreement form is found here ==> http://www.ksb.uscourts.gov/images/ksb_forms/form_b2400a.pdf


Instructions on filing a Reaffirmation Agreement are found here ==> http://www.ksb.uscourts.gov/attymanual/Reaffirmation_Agreement.htm


Instructions on filing a Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice are found here ==> http://www.ksb.uscourts.gov/attymanual/Notice_of_Appearance.htm


Links to our websites:


Outside Website==> http://www.ksb.uscourts.gov


Online Attorney Manual==> http://www.ksb.uscourts.gov/attymanual/ECF_Atty_Manual.htm


Please read the CM/ECF Tips on size, version and other items related to filing electronically.


Thanks again for your help,


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