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Pro Se Debtor Forms

If you are filing without an attorney (pro se), please see the following form packets.  These packets do not include all forms or cover all information that a debtor may need.  Please review additional resources available on this website. Filing fees may be paid with cash or money order at the Clerk's Office, or by mailing a money order.

For printing, completing by hand, and delivering or mailing to the Clerk's Office: 

Getting Started - Chapter 7 forms

Getting Started - Chapter 13 forms


For filling out online, and emailing to the Clerk's Office during the coronavirus:  COMING SOON

Disclaimer: Please be advised that only an attorney is qualified to give you legal advice. The Clerk’s Office cannot give legal advice or recommend an attorney for you. These packets provides certain required forms; however, additional forms may be required depending on individual circumstances.  The United States Bankruptcy Code contains requirements that control how bankruptcy cases proceed.  District of Kansas local bankruptcy rules also contain requirements that may help you prepare the documents required to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, including D. Kan. LBR 1007.1 and D. Kan. LBR 1007.2.