Opinions written by the bankruptcy judges for the District of Kansas are made available here so that attorneys and parties appearing before them may determine whether the judges have previously ruled on questions involved in their cases.  Only a small portion of these opinions have been submitted to private case reporters for publication.  Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that the text of the online version of each decision is identical to the opinion issued by the judge.  Users should be aware, though, that the online decisions are not official and errors are possible.  These versions of the opinions do not include a copy of the Court’s file-stamp or the judge’s signature.  Users will generally need to check elsewhere to determine whether an opinion has been appealed and what the outcome on appeal was, and whether any statutes cited in an opinion have been amended, superceded, or repealed.  Subsequent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, or other courts may also alter a judge’s view of a question resolved in one of these opinions.


You may view opinions by selecting a specific Judge then choosing a document, or by clicking one from the Recent Opinions section.  You may also search by entering your query above or clicking the Search button.  Visit the Tips page for search information and more.  All Opinion files are in PDF (portable document format).



Current Bankruptcy Judges


Honorable Robert E. Nugent, Chief Judge


Honorable Janice M. Karlin


Honorable Dale L. Somers


Honorable Robert D. Berger





Previous Bankruptcy Judges





Recent Opinions


06-40887     David Hall and Linda M Hall

Aug 2008

07-12779     Marcos Arroyo and Jennifer Renee Arroyo et al

Aug 2008

07-11590     Theo Christopher Carlin

Aug 2008

07-40899     Steven Albert Dugan

Aug 2008

07-11829     Nicholas Jerome DeThample and Angela Renee DeThample

Jul 2008

06-11237     Donald W Dawes and Phyllis C Dawes #4

Jul 2008

05-40483     Rafter Seven Ranches LP #6

Jul 2008

05-40483     Rafter Seven Ranches LP #5

Jul 2008






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