Search Tips and More!


Finding what you want

The search engine utilized here is a literal text engine.  A literal text search finds the documents most similar to your query.  To search for multiple words, separate each word with a space. For example, if you specify time manage, the search engine will return all documents that contain the words time AND manage.  Additionally, it will return documents that contain variations of these words, such as timely and management.

Note:  You may wish to add the name of a judge to narrow your search.


After the engine has located documents for you to browse, you may further search for specific text while in each PDF.  On the Adobe Toolbar, click the Search button and enter your query:




Here are the locations of some buttons on the Adobe Toolbar that you will want to know:


Printing what you found

If you want to print an entire document, use the print button on the Adobe Toolbar:


Copying text from a PDF

To select a section of text from an Adobe PDF document and copy it:


Choose the Text Select Tool from the Adobe tool bar by clicking the button that has a capital T with a dashed-line box next to it:


The mouse pointer will now be a capped line like in Microsoft Word instead of the Adobe hand.


To select text, click (and hold) at the first letter of the sentence or phrase and drag to the last letter.  To deselect the text and start over, click anywhere outside the selected text.


Choose Edit > Copy or Ctrl+C to copy the selected text to the clipboard.


Paste the selection into the destination document.





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