Chapter 7 Amended Schedules Adding Creditors in Closed Cases Only (Wichita)



 Wichita Division

 (Effective - 4/24/01)



NOTE: A $20.00 filing fee is required for any amendment to the schedule of creditors or list of creditors. The amendment must be signed or verified in the same manner required for originals. A matrix containing only the added creditors must also be submitted. See LBR 1009.1

It is not necessary to reopen the case, file a motion to amend, or hold a hearing on such a motion. The Clerk's office will docket the amendment and add the new creditors to the creditor database. A copy of the amendment will be distributed to the U.S. Trustee, case trustee, and the Internal Revenue Service. The Clerk's office will not provide notice of the amendment to any other parties and no further action will be taken with respect to the amendment absent a motion to reopen the case for purposes of filing an adversary complaint under Sec. 523(a)(3) and Bankruptcy Rule 7001(6).

For further information on this topic, counsel may refer to the decision in In re Caldwell, Case No. 98-40285-7, Order on Motion to Reopen Chapter 7 Case to Add Creditor (Bankr.D.Kan. Sept. 30, 1998) (Pusateri, C.J.)



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