Telephone Conference Guidelines

Judge Nugent's Telephone Conference Guidelines - REVISED 4/14/2010

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I welcome out-of-town counsel’s participation by telephone at certain proceedings in cases and adversary matters subject to the following guidelines and provisions. My goal is to keep your client’s legal expense exposure at a minimum while preserving the efficiency and accessibility of the Court. Recent experience with telephonic appearances suggests the need for some guidelines for these appearances.

1. Matters in which telephone appearances may be permitted: Pretrial conferences (other than the final pretrial conference), scheduling conferences. Telephonic appearances on the Motions Docket and for evidentiary matters are impracticable and therefore not permissible.

I will require personal appearances at all final pretrial and pre-trial status conferences except in circumstances of extreme exigency.

2. Who may appear by phone: In general, we aim to accommodate out-of-town counsel by permitting telephonic appearances at non-evidentiary matters. We encourage local counsel to appear in person and, welcome the appearance of out-of-town counsel in person.

3. Arranging appearance by phone: All communications arrangements for such conferences shall be the responsibility of the lawyer requesting to appear telephonically.

Counsel wishing to appear by phone must first obtain the Court’s permission by contacting either Kim Hodgen (316) 315-4119 or Annette Albright (316) 315-4113 of the Clerk’s office in Wichita, at least one (1) business day prior to the scheduled appearance.
HOWEVER, on the hearing date, counsel should call my chambers, (316) 315-4150. My judicial assistant, Janet, will coordinate transfer of the call to the pretrial venue (most pretrials are conducted informally at counsel tables in my courtroom, Room 150).

All conference calls involving two or more attorneys must be arranged by the first attorney requesting a telephonic appearance so that late-joining counsel may be added to the call. As stated above, all telecommunication arrangements are the responsibility of counsel who request to appear telephonically.

4. Punctuality; Failure to Appear: As a matter of common courtesy to the Court and your colleagues, I expect calls into pretrials to be on time. If you are going to be delayed, please contact Chambers at the above number. Because the pretrial/scheduling conference docket is often lengthy, substantial delay works a hardship on not only the participants in your conference, but also on those participating in later conferences.

Should you fail to appear for a telephonic conference, your personal presence will be required at all subsequent hearings in the matter.

I hope these guidelines will clarify any questions concerning telephonic appearances.

Should there be any questions about them, do not hesitate to contact the Clerk’s Office or my chambers staff. Similarly, should you encounter a situation which does not fall within these specific guidelines, feel free to contact the Clerk and the Court will attempt to accommodate unusual circumstances if possible.

/s/ Robert E. Nugent


August 25, 2000

(Revised 3/11/04; Revised 4/14/10)

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