Electronic Devices in the Courthouse

The US Marshals Service invites us to remind you and your clients of its policy regarding electronics in the federal courthouses in Kansas. All electronic devices brought to the courthouse by visitors (other than attorneys with current federal bar membership cards) must be returned to the party's vehicle. The Court Security Officers (CSOs) do allow an exception for visitors who do not have a vehicle in which to store the device (e.g., they rode the bus, hired a taxi, or were given a ride to the courthouse by someone who did not wait). Thus, generally the Court Security Officers will not hold electronic devices at the guard station. We share this alert with bankruptcy attorneys in particular so you may advise your clients not to bring electronic devices to the courthouse, thereby sparing them the inconvenience of having to return the items to their vehicle. Although the 341 Meeting of Creditors Notice states that no cellular telephones or other electronic devices are to be brought to the courthouse, visitors frequently bring their cell phones with them.

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