Become a Filer

How to become an Attorney E-Filer


  1. Make sure you have the computer hardware and software you need to create documents in PDF format and access the Internet, Specific Requirements.

  2. Review the Attorney CM/ECF Tutorial, Attorney E-Order Tutorial, and the Attorney Online Manual.

  3. Take the Quiz,

    If you score below 80% you can re-try immediately. If you pass your results are transmitted to the Training Group and you should receive an email sometime during the next few days with your login ID and password or an explanation of what outstanding items are required.

    or contact the Clerk's Office to arrange a training session.

  4. Send us a completed Attorney Registration Form. The form is "fillable" which you can complete online, then print, sign, and mail to our court at the address shown on the form.

  5. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us to obtain a login and password to our CM/ECF Training System. You will use the login and password to complete your "Connectivity Confirmation" exercise.

  6. Complete the "Connectivity Confirmation" exercise requirements. Read the instructions carefully. The exercise must be completed correctly.



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