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IN RE: )


) Case No.

) Chapter

Debtor(s). )


Report of Parties' Planning Meeting

(Held pursuant to Fed. R. Civ.P.26(f))

1. Pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 26(f), a Parties’ Planning Meeting was held on (date)

and was attended by:

Name Address and Phone Party represented





2. Nature of Complaint or Matter: _______________________ (e.g. Adversary

proceeding objecting to discharge, motion for relief from stay, etc.)

3. Pre-Discovery Disclosures. The parties
[choose one] [have exchanged]

[will exchange] the information required by Fed. R. Civ. P. 26(a)(1) on or before


4. All pretrial discovery will be commenced in time to be completed by

___________ (date).

5. Reports from retained experts under Rule 26(a)(2) shall be due from ________

(name of party) to ____________ (name of party) by _______ (date), and from

_________(name of party) to _____________ (name of party) by ________


6. ____________ (name of party) shall prepare and submit a Pretrial Order not later

than _______ (date). Final lists of witnesses and exhibits under Fed. R.Civ.

P.26(a)(3) shall be due from both parties by the same date and shall be submitted

with the Pretrial Order.

7. Any motion for leave to join additional parties or to otherwise amend the

pleadings shall be filed by (date). [Note: The deadline shall

be set 30 days before the proposed pretrial order deadline].

8. All dispositive motions shall be filed by (date)

9. Settlement
[choose one]: [is likely] [is unlikely] [cannot be evaluated prior to

[insert date].

10. Do the parties believe Alternative Dispute Resolution might be helpful? Yes/No

11. This case can be ready for trial not later than

(date) and is expected to take ____________ (number of trial days estimated).

12. Special issues: [
If you are aware of discovery, settlement, or other issues thatmight dictate how this case should be handled, please address those issues here.]

13. The Court is often able to cancel the Scheduling Conference, upon receipt of the

Parties’ Planning Meeting Report, if the parties are in consensus on the

scheduling of the matter. Does any party request the Court conduct a Scheduling

Conference in this case (such as, e.g., to discuss discovery disputes, settlement

possibilities, or any other relevant matter), notwithstanding the submission of this


a. The parties consent to canceling the Scheduling Conference OR

b. The parties (or party—name the party) request(s) the Scheduling

Conference be held.

Report should be prepared by counsel for the plaintiff (if Adversary Proceeding) movant and

circulated in time for filing with the Court not later than four working days prior to the

previously noticed scheduling conference. The failure of the parties to file this report may

result in the summary dismissal of the complaint or contested matter.

Approval signatures of all counsel:

(Signature lines shall include all counsels’ Supreme Court ID numbers, addresses, phone

numbers and business email address).

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