U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Kansas

Case Management / Electronic Case Filing
Version 2.3
Tutorial for Attorneys
Module 1: Introduction   Module 4: Adversaries  

How to use the Tutorial

  Filing an Adversary Case Manual
Introduction to CM/ECF   Requesting a Perfected Summons Manual
Judicary Privacy Policy      
Frequently Asked Questions   Module 5: Queries and Reports PACER
  Making a Query Manual
    Reports Manual
Module 2: Bankruptcy Case Opening  
    Module 6: Miscellaneous  
Filing a Bankruptcy Case Manual  
Uploading a Creditor Matrix Manual Maintaining Your User Account Manual
Judge/Trustee Assignment Manual Attorney Style Guide Manual
Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing  

Bankruptcy Case Opening Flowchart

    Standing Order for Electronic Filing S.O. 05-3

Module 3: Other Filings


Attorney OnlineManual on CM/ECF>>

Filing a Motion Manual Take the Quiz QUIZ
Filing an Response Manual Obtaining a User ID and Password  
Filing a Proof of Claim Manual Attorney Registration Form  

Submitting Orders Electronicially

Manual Connectivity Confirmation  

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