Style Conventions for Names     03/26/2004


These style conventions apply to all names entered in the CM/ECF application.

  • Use upper and lower case characters for all names and capitalize the first letter in a proper noun.

Wallace D  Smith

United Services Fidelity and Guaranty

  • Use single spacing between all names and following initials.  DO NOT use punctuation.

J J Jones

Smith Inc

C W Bradford Ltd

  • When typing names that have upper and lower case letters or hyphens, do not insert spaces.

Patricia DeLaGarza

Patrick MacDougal

Kathleen OBrien

Mary Smith-Baker

  • If an individual does not have a middle name, leave that field blank.

Do not enter “NMI” (no middle initial).

  • If a party has multiple names such as Robert Kramer Johns Martin, add the extra names in the Middle Name box.

Last name: Martin

Middle name: Kramer Johns

First name: Robert

  • Business names should be entered entirely in the Last Name box. Do not use the First Name or Middle Name box when entering business names.

  • Do not use the ampersand sign for “and” unless it is part of a company name on the petition or pleading.

B & D Company

Cameron & Associates

J & J Trucking

  • Avoid abbreviations unless it is part of a company name on the petition or pleading.


Ford Motor Company

First Federal Association


Ford Motor Co

1st Federal Assoc

  • Enter US and USA without any spaces.

US Department of Agriculture

US Trustee

US Environmental Protection Agency

US Attorney

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Whenever possible, use only the agency name without adding US or USA as part of the name when the US government is the filing party.

Internal Revenue Service

US Internal Revenue Service

Farm Service Agency