Style Conventions for Addresses     03/26/2004


These style conventions apply to all debtor addresses and creditor matrix addresses entered in the CM/ECF application.

  • Addresses must not exceed four (4) lines. The party name and address must not exceed five (5) lines.

  • Abbreviate post office addresses without a space between the P and O.

PO Box 1359

PO Drawer 34321

  • Use digits for numbers in addresses.

3224 E 26th  Street

425 6th Street

1 Valley Plaza

  • When there is a street address as well as a post office box address for a debtor, add only the post office address.

John J Johnson

PO Box 1477

4218 Elmwood Lane (Eliminate this line)

Bentonville AR 40453

  • When needed, use the second and/or third line of the address for building name, suite number, floor, firm name, or attention.

Arthur Andersen and Associates

Attention  Terri Brooks

John Hancock Building Ste 2600

8723 Michigan Avenue

Chicago IL 60604

  • The city, state, and zip code must be the only information on the last address line.

  • Use the full nine-digit zip code if at all possible.

  • Foreign addresses must have the full name of the post office and country of destination printed in capital letters.

  • The country name or APO destination must be the only information on the bottom line of the address.

Alfonso Diaz

Rio de Danubec y Rio Florido


MEXICO #1050


Sgt John Smith

C Company 237 Armor

Unit #21103 Box 512

APO AE 09014

  • If the address contains an apartment number or suite number, DO NOT use the # sign in place of the word number or suite.

Barbara Bixby                                                                 Rock and Assoc

322 W Shady Lane Apt  334                                         228 S Main Ste 500

Austin TX 78701                                                             Hutchinson KS 67501

  • Use c o or Attn  to indicate In Care Of.   DO NOT use the c/o abbreviation.

RIGHT:   Manuel Ortega Jr                       WRONG:  Manuel Ortega Jr

                 c o Manuel Ortega Sr                                     c/o Manuel Ortega Sr

                 6612 E 6th  Street                                         6612 E 6th Street

                 Derby KS 67037                                             Derby KS 67037


  • The preferred format for telephone numbers is 785-261-3851.

  • Margins (top, bottom, left, right) should be at least one (1) inch.