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Latest Updates

-3/09/2011  Updated Help Procedures to correct telephone numbers, Clearing the Cache,


-11/14/2008 Added Chapter 13 Trustee Notice of Plan Approaching Completion, Chapter 13 Plan Completion, Certificate of Compliance and Motion for Entry of Discharge


-05/06/2008 Event List


-05/05/2008  Added Motion for Approval of Joint Stipulation Waiving 704(b) Objection, Motion for Retention of Tax Returns, Motion to Strip Lien, Motion to Amend Order Modified Satisfaction of Judgment



-01/26/2007 Added Voluntary Conversion from Chapter 12 to Chapter 7,  Voluntary Conversion from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7, Motion to Convert Chapter 11 Case to Chapter 7, Motion to Convert Chapter 12 Case to Chapter 7, Motion to Convert Chapter 13 Case to Chapter 7, Motion to Convert Chapter 7 Case to Chapter 11, Motion to Convert Chapter 12 Case to Chapter 11,Motion to Convert Chapter 13 Case to Chapter 11, Updated Motion to Deconsolidate Ch 7 Case, Motion to Deconsolidate Ch 11 Case, Motion to Deconsolidate Ch 12 Case, Motion to Deconsolidate Ch 13 Case,


-01/22/2007 Updated Credit Card Payment Overview for changes which go into effect February 1, 2007.


-10/18/2006 Updated Objection, Case Opening, Application to Pay Filing Fees in Installments, Motion for Abstention Under Section 305, Motion to Appoint Examiner, Motion for Appointment of Consumer Privacy Ombudsman, Motion to Assume/Reject Lease or Executory Contract,


-3/16/2006 Added Declination Statement 11 U.S.C. 704(b)(2), Record of 521(c) Interest,


-2/06/2006 Added Access to Tax Documents, Exemption from Credit Counseling, Exemption from Means Test, Approve Reaffirmation Agreement, Revoking Waiver of Filing Fees, Waiver of Chapter 7 Filing Fee, Certificate of Credit Counseling, Certificate of Service of Tax Documents, Chapter 11 Statement of Current Monthly Income, Chapter 13 Statement of Current Monthly and Disposable Income, Chapter 7 Means Test, Cure of Residential Judgment, Intent to Cure Default, Protection of Property from Damage, Tax Documents Small Business, Statement in Support of Reaffirmation Agreement, Tax Documents, Updated Reaffirmation Agreement, Recision of Reaffirmation Agreement, Adversary Case Opening


-7/29/2005 Added Important Credit Card Processing announcement effective August 28, 2005.


- 7/27/2005 Updated Notice of Recovery of Assets (formerly Notice of Late Discovered Assets), Notice Appointing Trustee, Notice of Appointment of Creditor's Committee, Subpoena,  Chapter 7 Trustee's Final Account, Certificate of Service, Removed Trustee's Report of Distribution, Added Chapter 12 Trustee's Final Account, Chapter 12 Trustee's Final Report, Chapter 13 Trustee's Final Account, Chapter 13 Trustee's Final Report, Election to USDC, Text Order Overview, How to Get the Notice of Electronic Filing, Debtor Repayment Plan,


- 5/23/2005 Updated Change of Address


- 3/23/2005 Updated Help Desk Procedures, Added Amended Schedule C, and Notice of Amendment to Schedules D, E, or F


- 12/11/2004 Updated Amended Schedules


-11/08/2004  Updated Filing Proofs of Claim


-10/29/2004  Updated Proposed Order Upload


-10/13/2004 Added Credit Card Payment Overview



-10/11/2004 Added Chapter 7 Trustee's Final Report, Chapter 7 Trustee's Final Account, Trustee's Report of Insufficient Assets, Status Report,  Chapter 11 Monthly Operating Report, Trustee's Notice Pursuant to D. Kan. LBR 3001.1(D),  Updated Notice to Allow Claims, Bond, Substitute Trustee,


-7/23/2004  Updated Case Opening page with information about filing cases with Applications to Pay Filing Fees in Installments.


- 7/13/2004 Added Satisfaction of Judgment page


- 7/12/2004 Modified Style Guide Order page, Proposed Order Upload page, and Converting Documents to PDF page to include a link to page size information.  Added Witness List and Exhibit List pages


-5/12/2004 Added Amended Plan events, Disclosure Statement, and Objection to Confirmation of Plan, update Plan events

-5/11/2004 Added Help Procedures, Docket Activity Report, and Claims Activity Report, updated selected motion, notice, and trustee events.

-4/29/2004 Corrected typographical errors.

-4/28/2004 Updated Adversary Case Opening, Answering a Complaint, Summons Service Executed, added Summons Request

-4/19/2004 Added Notice of Late Discovered Assets, Notice of Surplus Funds, Report of Sale, 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors, Acknowledgement of Withdrawal of Exhibit, Affidavit, Answer of Garnishee, Assignment of Tax Refund, Brief, Certificate of Service, Debtor's Declaration Concerning Schedules, Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor, Equity Security Holders, Interrogatories, Objection to Debtor's Claim of Exemptions, Operating Report, Praecipe/Request, Recission of Reaffirmation Agreement, Report of Party Planning Meeting, Request for Transcript, Schedule A, Schedule B, Schedule C, Schedule D, Schedule E, Schedule F, Schedule G, Schedule H, Schedule I, Schedule J, Schedule A-J, Statement of Financial Affairs, Statement of Intent, Stipulation, Subpoena, Summary of Schedules, Verified Mailing Matrix,  Chapter 12 Plan, Chapter 11 Plan, Amended Motion/Application, Motion to Continue Hearing, Motion for Relief from Co-Debtor Stay, Motion to Set Hearing, Motion to Vacate, Motion to Waive Appearance,


-4/12/2004 Added Cross Appeal, Objection to Claim, Transfer of Claim, Withdrawal of Claim, Notice of 2004 Exam, Notice of Amended Notice of Objection Deadline, Notice of Completion of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Notice of Intended Compromise, Notice of Default on Conditional Order for Relief from Stay, Notice of  Objection Deadline, Notice to Pay Unclaimed Dividends, Notice of Service, Notice to Substitute Attorney, Notice to Take Deposition, Notice of Voluntary Conversion to Chapter 7,  Notice to Withdraw Document, Notice to Allow Claims (Trustee Book), Bond, Continuance of Meeting of Creditors, modified Notice of Appeal


-3/29/2004 Added Style Guide, Appeal, Notices, Other, Plan, Creditor Maintenance,  Judge/Trustee Assignment books, modified Claim Action, Open BK Case, File Claims books,


-3/18/2004 Corrected numerous typographical errors in the motions section and added motions pages


-03/15/04 Added numerous Motion pages


-03/02/04 Revised all Before you file, Accessing ECF and selected Case Opening pages, drafted Answer pages, Revised Credit Card Page, Revised Creditor Filer pages, Revised Claims pages, Revised select Motions/Applications pages, Hearings Pages, Orders pages, and Reports pages


-2/20/04 Test Source Code change


-2/2/04  Draft E-Orders added, fee changes,


-12/29/03  Start making changes for KSB version






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