Upload Creditor Matrix File modified 02/25/2004





A creditor matrix contains the names and addresses of creditors. This information is used for noticing and also for claims information, when applicable.  The creditor matrix must be in an ASCII text format, usually a .txt file, before it can be successfully uploaded.  


The matrix must be prepared in substantial compliance with D. Kan. L.B.R. 1007.1, D. Kan. S.O. 02-1, and other applicable rules


Refer to the procedure, Converting Creditor Matrix to TXT.  The process of uploading a list of creditors .txt file is described below.




WARNING: Upload creditors only ONCE per case.


      1. Select Bankruptcy

      2. Select Creditor Maintenance

      3. Select Upload a Creditor Matrix file

      4. Enter case number and click Next .

      5. Browse, verify and attach the creditor mailing list (.txt file.)

      6. Verify Total Creditors Entered and click  Submit button.

      7. Verify Creditors Receipt.

      8. Continue with Judge/Trustee/341 Meeting assignment procedure, if applicable.