Text Order Overview     modified 07/28/2005




Text orders are events used by courtroom staff to quickly and efficiently issue orders pertaining to rulings from the bench.  The use of text orders eliminates the need for preparation and upload of orders by attorneys and deadline and compliance tracking time by Clerk’s Office.  


If an attorney wants specific language in the order, or if a text order isn't suitable because of the complexity of the issue(s), the attorney can simply ask the judge for permission to prepare and submit an order when the ruling is made.


Most text orders will be waiting in the attorney’s e-mail box when he or she returns from court.  The Notice of Electronic Filing is the official order of the court and serves as the Certificate of Service for all Filing Users of the court's CM/ECF system.  There is no document attached to the entry.


As stated in the text order, it is the responsibility of the movant to serve a hard copy of the text order on any parties who have NOT received electronic service.


No post-hearing Courtroom Minute Sheets (CMS) will be prepared or docketed for text orders continuing hearings.  We will continue to prepare and docket CMS for all other text orders so that hearing appearances are noted.   



To determine if any parties to an issue have not received electronic service simply look at the Notice of Electronic Filing to see if any parties are designated as "Notice will not be electronically mailed to:"  Service should be accomplished and documented in as specified in D. Kan, LBR 9013.3.



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