Summons Service Executed     04/28/2004




Once the summons is served by the plaintiff, the plaintiff/plaintiff's attorney should docket the Summons Service Executed event in ECF.  



NOTE: The executed summons should be attached to the Summons Service Executed docket event as a PDF.




      1. Select Adversary

      2. Select Complaint & Summons

      3. Enter Case Number and click Next

      4. Verify correct Case Number and Caption

      5. Select Document Event: Summons Service Executed

      6. Browse, verify and attach the PDF (pdf file)

        • Attach supporting documents if applicable.

      7. Select the Party that this filing is against.

      8. Enter Date Served, default is current date and click Next

      9. Click Next.


WARNING: Verify filing entry information is correct before submitting the Final Docket Text.


      1. Save the Notice of Electronic Filing.