Substitute Trustee (UST Only)   Modified 10/11/2004




This event, used ONLY by the U.S. Trustee, is used to indicate a case trustee's resignation from a case and the subsequent appointment of a successor trustee.





        1. Select Bankruptcy

        2. Select Trustee/US Trustee

        3. Enter case number and click Next

        4. Verify correct case number and caption

        5. Select Substitute Trustee

        1. Select Party or Add/Create Party

          • The Party Attorney Association screen may display.  Indicate the party you represent.

        1. Select the Trustee being removed from the case and click Next

        2. Select the Trustee being appointed to the case

        3. Specify and click Next

        1. Modify docket text as appropriate


WARNING: Verify filing entry information is correct before submitting the Final Docket Text.


        1. Save the Notice of Electronic Filing.