E-Order Upload     modified 10/29/2004




Proposed orders must be submitted in pdf  format.  


NOTE: You MUST leave a 4 inch margin at the TOP of the first page of your proposed order.  If the margin is less than 4 inches the proposed order will NOT be processed.  


All orders MUST be 8 1/2 X 11 inches in size.




        1. Click Bankruptcy

        2. Click Order Upload

        3. Select Upload Single or Upload Batch

        4. Enter the Case Number and click Next.

        5. Enter or click Next for  Document Number

        6. Verify Case Number and Case Name and complete Order Type and Hearing Date (if applicable) fields.


Order Type Explanation


Ex Parte - No hearing is required.  The issue is unopposed or does not require approval of any other party.  Order will contain signature block for submitting attorney only.   (Note: All Chapter 13 Orders require approval of the Standing Trustee and therefore should not be uploaded under this category).   


Expedited - Related to motion seeking an order for expedited hearing or when emergency handling of an order is necessary.  (Counsel seeking expedited handling of an order should contact the clerk's office to advise order has been uploaded and needs special handling).  Matter is to be expedited.


Hearing Held - Hearing has been held and all parties have approvals affixed. (Hearing date must be inserted at the next prompt box when this option is selected).


Hearing Scheduled - A hearing date is pending; however all parties have agreed to the proposed Order which is being submitted prior to the upcoming hearing date.  (Scheduled hearing date must be inserted at the next prompt box when this option is selected).


Suspense (10-day obj) - (See D. Kan. LBR 9074.1) Orders submitted under this category will be reviewed for proper format and submitting attorney approval. The order will not be forwarded to chambers for a period of ten (10) days from the point counsel upload the order in this category.


Other - An order that doesn’t fit any of the foregoing categories (i.e., agreed orders submitted in conjunction with a motion would not be ex parte, have been to a hearing or have a hearing scheduled, nor would counsel be submitting the agreed order pursuant to D. Kan. LBR 9074.1).



        1. Browse and attach proposed Order and click Next .

        2. Save the Confirmation screen