Subpoena      Modified 07/01/2005




A Subpoena is a command to appear at a certain time and place to give testimony and/or produce documents.


NOTE:  Pursuant to D. Kan. LBR 7026.1 (i)(1) requests for production or inspection under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 7034 should NOT be filed with the Clerk.





        1. Select Bankruptcy

        2. Select Other

        3. Enter case number and click Next

        4. Verify correct case number and caption

        5. Select Subpoena

        6. Indicate if this is a joint filing with another attorney(s)

        7. Select Additional attorneys if appropriate

        1. Select Party or Add/Create Party

          • The Party Attorney Association screen may display.  Indicate the party you represent.

        1. Browse, verify and attach the document (pdf file)  

          • Attach supporting documents, if applicable.

        1. Specify On Whom?, Date, and Time  and click Next

        2. Click Next


WARNING: Verify filing entry information is correct before submitting the Final Docket Text.


        1. Save the Notice of Electronic Filing.