Praecipe/Request      04/16/2004




A Praecipe/Request is filed to direct the clerk to issue process, notice or take action.  Examples include Request to Terminate Wage Order, a Praecipe for Subpeona, etc.





        1. Select Bankruptcy

        2. Select Other

        3. Enter case number and click Next

        4. Verify correct case number and caption

        5. Select Praecipe/Request

        6. Indicate if this is a joint filing with another attorney(s)

        7. Select Additional attorneys if appropriate

          • The Party Attorney Association screen may display.  Indicate the party you represent.

        1. Browse, verify and attach the document (pdf file)  

          • Attach supporting documents, if applicable.

        1. Refer to existing event(s)? specify and click Next

        2. If yes, Select the Type of event the motion refers to

        3. Specify Praecipe/Request for What? and click Next

        4. Click Next


WARNING: Verify filing entry information is correct before submitting the Final Docket Text.


        1. Save the Notice of Electronic Filing.