Maintain User Accounts     modified 02/28/2004




All ECF users will be issued an account with a user login and password.  The ECF login provides registered users the ability to submit pleadings electronically to the court. Public users (attorneys, trustees, and creditors) must also log into PACER to inquire on cases or look at reports.


Non-court users can access their own account information through the  Maintain Your ECF Account menu. Using this option, participants can update their name, mailing and E-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers, and password.  Users can therefore control the accuracy of their own information in a timely manner.





1. Click on Utilities


2. Select Maintain Your ECF Account


3. Your user account screen will appear displaying your current account information.


4. Update your personal information on this screen.  When it is correct, click Submit to save the changes. If the Submit button is not used, the record will not be modified.



Email Information


The Email Information screen presents options for control of your electronic notification.  You can:


    • Enter or change your primary email address

    • Request email copies of notification on all cases to which you are a party or only on specific cases.

    • Receive email activity throughout the day or a daily summary of all noticing activity.  “All activity” includes notification of claims as well as other entries to a case.


Email will include the case number and name of the docket entry in the subject line of the mail message.


1. Click on Utilities


2. Select Maintain Your ECF Account


3. Click on E-mail Information

    • Primary Email address: This address must be formatted to Internet protocol or an error will be generated. It may be prudent to establish a separate email account for CM/ECF activity from your routine email correspondence.

    • Send the Notices Specified Below: Select either one or both options; Primary Email Address, Additional Addresses.

    • Send a Notice for Each Filing: Checking this box means you will receive email notices when activity occurs throughout the day to the account(s) specified above. The title of the email will describe the type of filing and the case number.

    • Send Daily Summary Report: A comprehensive list of one day’s activity can be sent once a day. Notifications for claims will also be included in this mail list.  A Summary report includes the case numbers and titles of cases in which activity occurred for that day. The text of the Summary email notification will display the docket event and the document number (including the hyperlink)


NOTE: The system does not permit users to receive both separate notices and the summary report.


4. Format Notices

    • html format for Netscape or ISP email service

The html format will include hyperlinks to the document or claim.

      • text format for cc:Mail, GroupWise, other email service

Text format will feature the URL of the PDF document which can be copied and pasted into the location bar of your browser.


5. Click Return to Account Screen; once information is complete


6. Click Submit to save changes



Case update



1. After you click Submit on the Account Screen the Select the cases to be updated screen will appear.


NOTE: Modifications to NAME, SSN, TAX ID, or BAR ID will automatically update ALL cases.


2. Select the desired cases and then click Submit


3. A confirmation screen will appear showing the updates that have been completed successfully.



More user information



1. Click on More User Information form the Maintain User Account screen


2. Make changes to your login and password

    • To change login:

      • Select the Login field

      • Delete the current login

      • Enter new login

    • To change password:

      • Select the Password field

      • Delete the current password

      • Enter new password


NOTE: Remember:

  • Logins and passwords are case sensitive

  • These are alphanumeric fields

  • Passwords have a maximum of 8 characters

  • When you enter a new password it is displayed on the screen. Your subsequent queries to this screen will show only asterisks.

Contact the Court if you forget your password.


3. Click Return to Account screen when finished


4. Click Submit to save changes