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The ECF system is a web based software program. Netscape Navigator 4.7 (or earlier versions) has been tested and recommended for use with this program. ECF court users process cases through the federal courtsí restricted intranet while attorneys and other public users will submit pleadings and view case data from the internet. Both court and external users have different levels of access to screens via menu selections and functionality as determined by their needs.





NOTE: Please be aware that these instructions are not complete instructions for using Netscape or Explorer.  Consult the documentation associated with the browser software for additional information.


      1. Access Netscape Communicator (4.7) or Explorer (5.5)

      2. Access the Court's website: http://www.ksb.uscourts.gov

      3. Type the address in the URL field of the browser window

      4. Click on the ECF button

      5. Click on ECF Live hyperlink

      6. Click on the District of Kansas - Document Filing System  hyperlink

      7. Enter your Login and Password Login and password fields are case sensitive

NOTE: Your "Live" login and password serve as your signature for documents filed electronically.


        1. Select a Menu option (Bankruptcy, Adversary, Query, Reports or Utilities)

        2. To exit click Logout





PACER information and registration is available at http://pacer.psc.uscourts.gov/