Help Procedures     Modified 03/09/2011


1.  Search the Manual.  The first step to answering your CM/ECF related question is to search the contents of this manual.  We have attempted to provide thorough and complete instructions for entering almost any transaction into CM/ECF.


    • To search this manual enter the word(s) you are searching for into the search box at the top of the screen and click the Go Search button or


    • Click the Search button at the top of the screen, enter the word(s) you are searching for into the search box in the left frame of the screen and click the Go Search button


2. Check the Website.  Local Rules (including CM/ECF related Standing Orders), office hours, fee information, calendar information, and other information is available on the court's website.  Click here for the court's site.


3.  Contact the Clerk's Office.  Please contact the appropriate divisional location of the Clerk's Office during normal business hours (9:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. Monday - Friday excluding Federal Holidays).

            • Kansas City 913-735-2110

            • Topeka 785-338-5910

            • Wichita 316-315-4110; or,


4. Send an E-mail.  If the manual doesn't answer your question(s), you can send an E-mail to our Help Desk (  


    • Put the nature of the problem in the email Subject line using these prefixes.

      • If a CM/ECF Problem   cm/ecf: indicate problem

      • If a PACER Problem   Pacer:  indicate problem

      • If in doubt just put the problem in the subject line


    • In the body of the message:  Finish explaining the problem and/or copy text of problem/error into the message (DO NOT use any images as they are not viewable at the Help Desk).  


Important:  Please make sure the message includes a contact phone  number, E-mail address,  and contact person.


    • A few minutes after you send it, you will get a response that will tell you the work order number.  The message will also have three links that you can click on if you would like to submit additional information on that work order, request an updated status on that work order, or request an updated electronic status for all of your recent work orders.