Filing Proofs of Claim     modified 12/01/2015




When a proof of  claim is filed in ECF, the claim will be attached to the creditor record of the claimant.  First, locate the creditor by searching the creditor database and then enter the corresponding claim.


If there are attachments to the proof of claim follow the procedure for attaching supporting documents.


Most often the creditor filing the claim already resides in the creditor data base.  If the creditor cannot be located on the case, they should first be added and then the claim for the creditor record can be filed.  If you are filing a claim on behalf of a creditor, you should serve the notice of filing with a copy of the claim on the creditor, debtor, debtor's attorney and trustee.


See Federal Bankruptcy Rule 3004 and 3005 regarding filing of claims by the debtor or trustee or guarantors of co-debtors, etc




        1. Complete Proof of Claim (B410).

        2. Select Bankruptcy

        3. Select File Claims

        4. Enter case number.

        5. Search (Hint) for appropriate creditor and click Next.

        6.  Select creditor from drop down list, verify the creditor's address, and click Next.   

          • If creditor is not listed or different address, select Add Creditor

        7. Enter all information in the appropriate fields for the claim you are filing.


NOTE:  Make sure all fields entered correspond exactly to the Proof of Claim document being submitted.  


          • Amends a Claim # - (Bypass this field for original claims)  

          • Duplicates a Claim #  - (Bypass this field for original claims)

          • Filed by: Select appropriate Party Filer. (i.e., creditor, attorney, trustee, etc.)

U.S. Trustee ONLY: If filing an "Administrative" claim, select "trustee" as Party Filer.

          • Late: BYPASS THIS FIELD

          • Status: BYPASS THIS FIELD  

          • Unsecured, Secured, Priority

        • For Chapter 7 and 11's - Select   type of claim and enter dollar amount(s).


NOTE:  Please enter all amounts WITHOUT a dollar sign or commas, but WITH decimal places (e.g. 5000.00).


            • Description or Remarks - Type further description or remarks for the claim

NOTE:  Pursuant to Judicial Conference Privacy Policies, remember to avoid using account numbers, social security numbers, etc. in the Description or Remarks fields.


        1. Browse, verify and attach the Proof of Claim (B410) (pdf file)  

          • Attach supporting documents, if applicable.

        1. Save the Notice of Electronic Claims Filing.