Claims Register     Modified 02/29/2004




The Claims Register report can be generated from the Reports hyperlink on the ECF Main Menu Bar.




        1. Select Reports

        2. Select Claims Register

        • The PACER login screen will be displayed

        1. Enter login information

        • The Claims Register information screen will be displayed

        1. Claim Register information can be requested by and limited by:

          • Case Number (a required field)

          • Creditor Type

          • Creditor Number

          • Creditor Name

          • Claim Number Range

          • Filed or Entered (Date Range)

To view all claims activity for a case, enter only the case number.

        1. Claims can be sorted by

          • Claim Number

          • Creditor Name

          • Filed Date

You can specify both a primary and secondary sort.  If claims have the same value for the primary sort, they will be sorted by the secondary sort.

        1. After selecting the report criteria click Run Report

          • The Claims Register report will be displayed