Becoming a Registered ECF User        modified 05/08/2004          




  1. Review and ensure that you meet the minimum requirements

  2. Choose and complete on of the following training programs:




Debtor Attorney Class

Attorney Tutorial

Creditor Attorney Class

Creditor Filer Tutorial

Ch. 7 Trustee Class



  1. Complete the Connectivity Confirmation Exercise which can be found in the KSBCMECFReg

  2. Fill out the KSBCMECFReg. It contains everything you need to become a registered filer in the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Kansas. Mail the completed ECF Registration Packet to the address provided on the forms. The court will review your registration request and issue a live login and password to the Electronic Case Filing System once all forms have been processed.


NOTE: If you are already a registered ECF filer in another district, you are  required to complete an abbreviated training course.