Application to Pay Filing Fees in Installments     modified 10/28/2006




Federal Bankruptcy Rule 1006 allows for filing fees to be paid in installments.  This procedure explains how to file an application to pay filing fees in installments using the electronic case filing system (ECF).



1. Select Bankruptcy


2. Select Motions/Applications

Ensure case name and number match the document you are filing.

Select the event: Pay Filing Fee in Installments

        • Joint Filing screen appears - This screen is used only if another attorney is joining in a filing.  If you are the only trustee/attorney filing this application, skip this screen.


3. Select Party Filer.  


4. Browse, verify and attach the Application (pdf file.)  

        • Attach supporting documents, if applicable.


5. Indicate whether a Certificate of Service is included and click Next


6.  Modify text, if applicable.



WARNING: Verify filing entry information is correct before submitting the Final Docket Text.


6. Save the Notice of Electronic Filing.


NOTE:  The number of installments proposed shall not exceed four (4), and the final installment shall be payable not later than 120 days after filing the petition.