Appear Pro Hac Vice     Modified 03/06/2004                   




A Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice is filed on behalf of an attorney who is not admitted to practice but wishes to appear for the purposes of one case only.




        1. Select Bankruptcy

        2. Select Motions/Applications

        3. Enter the Case Number and click Next

        4. Verify the correct Case Number and Caption

        5. Select Appear Pro Hac Vice

        6. Indicate if this is a joint filing with another attorney

        7. Select Additional attorneys if appropriate  

        1. Select party(ies)  or Add/Create Party

        2. Browse, verify and attach the Motion/Application (pdf file)  

          • Attach supporting documents, if applicable.

        3. Make sure the Receipt number field is blank for credit card payments

        4. Enter the Name of the Attorney who wishes to Appear Pro Hac Vice and click Next

        5. Modify docket text as appropriate

WARNING: Verify filing entry is correct before submitting the Final Docket Text.


        1. Save the Notice of Electronic Filing.