Amendment to Schedules D, E, or F     Modified 05/10/2005




A Notice of Amendment to Schedules D, E, or F is filed  pursuant to D. Kan. LBR  1009.1.  The  Notice is based on the form which is included as an Appendix in the Local Rule.


The Notice form is designed to provide notice to an individual creditor.  When the amendment to Schedules D, E, or F, or the matrix adds multiple creditors, the filer should either:


  • Create a separate Notice for issuance to each creditor, combine the pdf files into a single file, and upload all of the notices as a single pdf document; or,


  • Create a single notice document, but type "see attached list" for questions 1-3. Complete the rest of the form and attach a complete list of new creditor names, addresses, and scheduled amounts.





        1. Select Bankruptcy

        2. Select Notices

        3. Enter case number and click Next

        4. Verify correct case number and caption

        5. Select Amendment to Schedules D, E, or F

        1. Indicate if this is a joint filing with another attorney(s)

        2. Select Additional attorneys if appropriate

        1. Select Party or Add/Create Party

          • The Party Attorney Association screen may display.  Indicate the party you represent.

        1. Browse, verify and attach the Notice (pdf file)  

          • Attach supporting documents, if applicable.

        1. Modify docket text as appropriate


WARNING: Verify filing entry information is correct before submitting the Final Docket Text.


        1. Save the Notice of Electronic Filing.